Now that summer is around the corner, Lake Conroe will be filled with avid boaters. It is most important to take proper care of our environment , especially while boating.

Below I will list a few tips that will help you be environmentally friendly while still having fun on your next boat trip.



 Don’t throw trash overboard

Always keep trash bags on your boat. This is the easiest way to care for your environment.

Never dump trash, cigarette butts, wrappers, beer/soda cans, and plastics  into lake.

 Properly Dispose of Sewage

Always use Pump out Station and/or Portable pump outs correctly. Use a MSD (Marine Sanitation Device) when using toilets.

Eco- Friendly Cleaning Products

Clean boats as much as possible with freshwater. Our Ship Store has a variety of Boat Soaps that are Eco-friendly  and Biodegradable.

 Avoid Gas & Oil Spills

The majority of gas and oil spills are due to human negligence. Spills are very dangerous and harmful to marine life and ecosystems.

Make sure to always fuel your boat at the dock.

Don’t “top off” your gas tank. Heat expands gasoline, causing it to overflow and leak into lake.

Clean up any gas or oil spills inside your boat with absorbent rags and dispose properly.

Call the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Response Hotline to report any oil or chemical spills.

1 800 424 8802

Also, contact any marina staff for incidents like these.

There are endless ways on how to keep our lake clean. This is a general list that I hope you will find helpful for this upcoming boating season.

Being environmentally friendly allows us to have fun and safe trips on our beautiful Lake Conroe!

Practice Safe & Clean Boating! 

Written by: Lorena Villasenor