Live Fishing Bait

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Customers love how our experts make fishing seem easy. All of our team members answer questions in a knowledgeable, friendly manner. We show newbies how to hook live bait and use other accessories. Our management employs seasoned fishing professionals who have a passion for the sport and are more than willing to recruit new fans.

Einstein’s boat rentals on lake Conroe & live bait- Einstein’s Ship Store takes the mysteries out of live fishing bait for interested parties in the Montgomery, TX area. Fill out our contact form today to receive a prompt response from one of our seasoned experts.

Live Bait

Einstein’s boat rentals on lake Conroe & live bait- Einstein’s Ship Store has 35 years of retail experience selling live fishing bait in Montgomery, TX. Customers trust us to carry live minnow bait and live worm bait. We carry chicken livers, shad, range cubes, and frozen bait. Whatever bait customers can think of, we likely have it in stock.


Bait is nothing without supplies, however. Turn to us for a multitude of live bait supplies ranging from hooks, sinkers, to floaters. Our fishing supplies always leave customers impressed and coming back for more. We carry fishing poles, lines, rods, wading boots, buckets, and insulated containers.

Fishing License

We offer our customers a convenient way to get a fishing license and/or a hunting license. Our ship store professionals only sell state-regulated licenses. At the end of every business day, we submit the information to the appropriate governmental agency. Be prepared to fill out a form that requires, name, address, and contact information.