It’s that time of the year when kids take a break from the books and the parents get a chance of relaxation. Since our winters tend to be short in Texas everyone on Lake Conroe is gearing up for spring break. Boating is one of the main activities for spring breakers. We want to give you quick tips for boating safely this Spring Break:


  1. Always Respect the Dangers of Alcohol. Never over indulge in alcohol while on the water. Never operate a vessel while under the influence and avoid other travelers in vessels that have had too much.


  1. Always wear your life jacket. When life jackets are worn, the risk of drowning decreases greatly.


  1. Make sure all your safety equipment is in proper working order.


  1. If you own a boat or plan on owning one it is important you have had proper training in operating a vessel. This is also important to those renting a boat.


It is required by the state of Texas Parks & Wild Life that the person(s) operating a boat must have a boating certificate if they were born on or after September 1st 1993.

To obtain this boating certificate, you can find the link at the bottom of our home page of our website. It is simple, easy and free!


Call us for any questions you may have. We wan to make sure you have a safe, fun and memorable Spring Break!




Lorena Villasenor

Einstein’s Management