We are a full service Marine Store out of Walden Marina. Located north of Lake Conroe in Montgomery Texas.

Gas/Fuel Service

We offer mid-grade ( 89 octane ) Gas , that contains BIOBOR-EB treatment.

Boat Rentals


We have a variety of boat rentals ranging from Pontoons, Speed Boats and Electric Go Floats!

Live Bait

Minnows, Worms, Catfish Bait, Frozen Shrimp and so much more.

Clothes and Accessories

Waterproof cases, phone chargers, fuses, Einstein’s/ Lake Conroe T-Shirts

Hats, Caps, Sunglasses. ponchos etc….

Cold Beverages and Grocery

Fishing Gear

Marine Accessories

Life Jackets, Marine Products and Hardware.

”Your One Stop Shop on Lake Conroe”

Lorena Villasenor

Einstein’s Management